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Re: [IP] places to wear a pump/wedding

>Some dresses, like my last bridesmaid dress, just are NOT conducive to
>wearing your pump on your leg.  I wore mine on my leg with a long
>flowing dress to a wedding and regretted it on the dancefloor - wouldn't
>stay put.

Although I am not the pumper in this house, I would have to concur with
Susan's assessment of wearing the pump on the leg for dancing. Shane got
one of those leg things and it didn't stay up just walking around the
house. With any vigorous dancing, there's no way! We had to take it in
several inches to get it to stay put at all. I think if you were going
dancing in it, you would practically have to get it tight enough to cut
off circulation. After all, must of us women have legs that are bigger
around at the top than at the bottom, so its naturally gonna slide down!
Now maybe if you put the pump in the leg/thigh thing and then hooked the
thing so it couldn't slide down, say with a garter belt, you might have
a better chance...
I think a while back someone suggested using a baby sock (or chopped off
big people sock) to hold the pump, then pin the sock inside your dress
somewhere with a safety pin. If you pin the top of the sock shut the
pump can't fall out. Now of course you may need a somewhat "sturdy"
dress to support the weight, not good for those slinky lycra things.
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