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[IP] Thyroid tests

In addition to the TSH test, you can be tested for thyroid auto-antibodies.
This test will show the "beginnings" of thyroid disease. When I switched
from a GP to an Endocrinologist, he ran a bank of routine blood tests,
including for thyroid function and thyroid auto-antibodies. My thyroid
function (TSH) is in the normal range, but I had elevated antibodies. What
does this mean? It means that my body was beginning to attack my thyroid
just like it attacked my pancreas. So now I take a very low dose ( 0.025
mg) of thyroid each day as a prophylactic measure. I've been doing this for
4 - 5 years and feel great.

This next part has nothing to do with diabetes, but sort of ties in:

Strangely enough, I've recently found a reason to be glad for the fact that
my immune system seems to attack my body. A few months ago, I was diagnosed
with a form of non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which is essentially cancer of the
white blood cells. There is no cure for this type of cancer at this time
(fortunately, it is very slow-growing, which means I'm talking in terms of
YEARS instead of MONTHS remaining!) but one very promising treatment is a
vaccine (still in clinical trials), customized for each individual.
Unfortunately, however, not everybody is able to mount an immune response
with the vaccine. However, my endo pointed out that we already know that my
body is an "immune responder" since it has already produced an immune
response against my pancreas and my thyroid. Theoretically, all we have to
do is teach my immune system that the cancer is foreign, and it should
really go after it! 

At this time, I have no symptoms from the cancer, am suffering no ill
effects; and since it is slow-growing, we are taking a "watch and wait"
approach to treatment. But, when the time for treatment comes, I'm hoping
for the vaccine -- let my immune system attack something it's supposed to
for a change!

Mary Jean
dx IDDM April 1990
dx NHL April 2000
I'm skipping April in years ending with "0" from now on!

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