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Re: [IP] Balance Billing for Pumps

I have BC/BS of GA. They paid 80% and I was billed the difference. That
isn't illegal or are you talking about if the insurance covers 100%?

At 06:37 PM 07/08/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Group:
>I wanted to throw this out for some feedback. I understand that some
>persons have been "balance billed" directly by the pump companies for
>the difference between what their insurance company pays for the pump
>and the full price of the pump. For example, health insurance company
>"X" pays a contractual price with pump company "Y" for $3,200 for your
>pump. Obviously, a discounted price to entice your insurance company to
>use their product. However, then the pump company attempts to directly
>bill the patient for the  difference between that discounted price and
>the full price of the pump (say, around $1,800 in this case). I
>understand that this is not legal, but it has been reported to me as
>being a fairly common occurence. If you don't review the EOB
>(explanation of benefits) on your health insurance policy, many may
>actually pay this difference when they are not supposed to do so, or
>should challenge it. My question is: how many have had this happen to
>them and if so, how did you deal with it?

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