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[IP] Ryan's Mom...& others

Ryans numbers have been so high
> lately and they are so high I am ashamed to put them on here so I wont.

Lori (Ryan's Mom),

Don't let it do this to you!!!  High numbers are not something to be ashamed
of...they are nothing more than a gauge, one that's telling you that right
now this is going to take a bit more work than it might have at other times,
when they were lower.  They are NOT an indicator of having done something
wrong, or having anything to feel guilty or ashamed about...if you are like
most of the parents on this list seem to be, you probably work overtime
hours 24/7 trying to do what is best for your son, who probably didn't come
with a neat little instruction book that outlines all the "easy,
guaranteed-to-work" ways to handle diabetes, or even parenting in general.
(If you DID get the book, I'll bet that there are a LOT of people on this
list willing to offer you big bucks for the opportunity to even just scan a
few of the pages!!  :)  )

Seriously though - caring for someone through diabetes & trying to learn all
you can to make the best choices can be a very heavy load...don't let
yourself add to it with feeling ashamed or guilty.  If you WEREN'T on here
trying to find answers to the "great diabetic mysteries of life", but
saying - "Hey, life's tough, he'll have to deal with it"* - THEN you'd have
something to potentially feel ashamed of!  (* Sounds  harsh, but I teach
elementary school...those parents ARE out there - which makes me really
appreciate the ones I meet on here, as proof that there's hope for this
planet yet!)

Give yourself the pat on the back you deserve for the work you do as a mom
(that goes for the rest of you out there as well...Grand-moms & Dads
included!), & don't forget to give yourself a special "just because" treat
every once in a while...we all need that!  :)

(Blessed with a mom who deserves extra treats every day of the week, & then
some...so I know firsthand what good parents are!)

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