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[IP] temper tantrums

<Michelle wrote (about her 4 year old Eliza)--
<We have been having a terrible time with temper tantrums...she has been
fine, <until about 2 months ago....  We have our highs and lows, almost on
a daily <basis...Could this be a D thing because of the highs and
<lows, or is it just a 4 year old phase?

Hi Michelle and all--

My 18 year old Josh was diagnosed when he was two, and he went through a
similar time with horrendous (!!!) temper tantrums at about that age.
Sometimes he was low; at other times he was just acting his age, and we
honestly could not tell the difference.  

My advice (having been there, done that!) would be to test Eliza's bg at
those times.  Then you can treat the low before you try to modify her
behavior.  If nothing else, you won't scold (or swat her little bottom) and
then feel guilty when you figure out she's low!

My .02--

:-)  Doreen in Wyoming 
(who reserved swats on the bottom for rare, potentially dangerous
behaviors, so please don't think I'm advocating child abuse or anything!)

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