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Re: [IP] Anyone tried Zinc Air batteries?

Hi Andy,

I should also correct misleading you on my difficulty in finding 357s.
I want to find a low priced source of them - hopefully locally.  When I
see prices over $2 each - I immediately dismiss them.   :)  I see plenty
of HIGH PRICED 357s, but know there are better deals "out there" somewhere.
I will check into the site you mentioned, if the batteries I am getting
don't prove to be good (see below).

The hearing aid battery displays at Walgreens, use probably 60-75% of the
shelf space to peddle zinc-air cells, and the remainder for the high quailty
silver oxide cells.  They have a small adhesive tab on them, to prevent air 
from entering the workings - but must be removed to activate the cell.  They
are low cost, but I have my doubts about them.  That's why I wanted to see if
anyone had first hand experience with them.  I have heard they don't have a 
long battery life, once the air tab has been removed.  Plus, they are 1.4 
volts, just slightly less than the proper 1.55V......

As for the source for the "357's" I know of...   They aren't actually
357s.  They are Energizer's equivalent for the 675G (the superior cell
MM is promoting over the 357).  Energizer's specs on their 675G equivalent
is 195 mAH (versus 150 for 357), and has the same voltage and physical
dimmensions - as well as being a silver oxide cell.  They are for "ultra
high drain" current applications (like pump stepper motors :) ). 

The Energizer part number is S76E

I just ordered a sample of the S76E, to see if they work (all specs indicate
they will work, and be superior to the 357).  The web site's prices are:

6 pack of s76e:  $6.24
5 - 6 packs (30 total):  $23.75
10 - 6 packs (60 total): $41.60

Their site is:  http://www.neosoft.com/~nds1/everbattery.html    
This is the link to their battery proce list - go down to the S76E-6 
listing, a pack of 6 S76E batteries...

They also have "357s", but at the normal price of greater than $2 each (NOT
a good price to me)....  

Their website claimed these were 1.4V cells, but energizer says they are
1.55V...  I asked the salesman, and he said they are indeed 1.55V, but were
originally marketed as 1.4V, and the website still shows the old voltage.

I can let you know if these batteries prove to be good.    I wouldn't advise
others trying to buy these until they prove to be as good, or better than
ones already bought from MM....  I will of course have normal batteries, 
just in case the new S76E batteries don't prove out (I ALWAYS carry a set
of backup batteries known to be good!!).


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