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[IP] temper temper

Michelle wrote
>  My daughter Eliza also has D.  She is 4 years old.
>  We have been having a terrible time with temper tantrums.  
>  She has never done this before.  And I mean never.  

Not being a parent myself, but a long time Aunt and babysitter and camp 
counselor, I would bet you just were lucky and missed the Terrible Twos, the 
Terrifying Threes, and got thrust directly into the Fiesty Fours!!!

Maybe, too, the initial honeymoon phase of having diabetes has worn off...at 
first, while it was a pain and not fun, at least it was NEW, and little kids 
LOVE new stuff...even new stuff that sucks...but now she has had enough.  You 
can't be too tough on her cuz she is still making the connection that this is 
NOT gonna go away like a boo-boo on the knee or yucky spinach...diabetes is 
NOT gonna go away and she MUST learn the rules of behavior for it, just as 
she has to learn the rules of being nice to people and sharing toys and 
eating her dinner or no dessert, minding mom and dad, etc.  Don't feel "bad" 
for her that she has diabetes.  She also has 10 toes, 2 ears, 2 arms, etc. 
like everyone else on earth.  She also has a little hiney that can sit in 
time out, or meet the back of your hand, or your paddle or which ever form of 
discipline YOU personally consider the best for your child.  Can't punish 
them for having diabetes of course, but as a former child with diabetes, we 
gotta learn the rules of the road...and better to do it YOUNG than wait

>  We have our highs and lows, almost on a daily basis.

i assume you are referring to bg...from what i understand, there are daily 
highs and lows merely associated with child rearing...this is just an added 

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