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Re: [IP] temper tantrums

> I guess my question is could this be a D thing because of the highs and
> lows, or is it just a 4 year old phase?
> Any advice would be appreciated.
> Michelle

		My daughter, Caitlyn, is five years old.  She too, has always been a
sweet child.  Since she was dx'd at 20 months of age, I have noticed
that diabetes plays an active role in her life as far as moods are
concerned.  There are days when she is totally fine in the morning when
I drop her off at daycare, and by snack time, she is being a pain in the
you-know-what.  Then be lunch she is fine, but her blood sugar is high,
sometimes it is the opposite- she acts like a terror, but her BG is
		I think that diabetes can be very challenging emotionally, especially
if the BG's vary a lot like Caitlyn's do.  Eventually everything will
work out.  IN ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION:  it is probably a little of both-
her age AND the diabetes.  BTW:  Caitlyn starts insulin in her new pump
on thursday, and starts first grade in a public school on August 14th...
I will let you know how the pump and her bg's affect her schooling and
her everyday life!

Carrie, mom to Caitlyn, still pumping saline right along side Caitlyn!
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