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[IP] Premphase

Carol asked>>>>>Bonnie do you think you'll be taking premphase for a longer
period of time,
are you worried about "possible" links to cancer?
email @ redacted<<<<<

Carol, I hope to be taking it for the rest of my life.   Yes, I researched
all the possibilities with cancers  However, after doing all the research I
could (best source Gail Sheehy's book "Silent Passage", even bought my
doctor a copy it was so good) about menopause, I felt with my family risk of
heart disease, stroke and my diabetes, the scales balanced more in favor or
taking it than not taking it.  There was no history of breast or uterine
cancer in my family.  A major plus in my decision.  Lots of other cancers,
but not those.  About ERT - I wish I had known about it for the previous
years when I was going through such an irritability stage....I hadn't a clue
that for the majority of women menopause really begins its process at about
44 years of age.  The hot flashes and irregular periods usually come some
time later.    Many of my women friends sing great praises to our ERT!!!
Along with prying the pump from my cold dead hands (Sara, I think) you will
have to pry my estrogen from my cold dead hands!!!

As far as being worried about cancer.   We will all get cancer if we live
long enough.  IMO (and I am not humble about it), there is so much stuff in
our environment and food now that cancer is almost a certainity in some form
for all of us.  The stats now say one out of three, but watch that change in
another 10-15 years.   The longer we live, the greater the exposure to
chemicals, the greater the risk.   But maybe we will have a cure for that
soon along with the cure for diabetes.  

Anyway, I talked too much as usual, but for me, the positive effects of
estrogen far outweigh the risks.   And according to my family, it certainly
makes me a more adorable person!!!
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