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Re: [IP] why,a no delivery when I have a LO res

> Hi 
> On a short trip, and recieved a lo res alarm looked at my reservoir
> still had 20 units so I proceded on my four hour drive home.
>      To get a no delivery alarm(now I know what that sounds like).
> But why ,I hate to waste all that insulin. why would it not deliver
> all of the insulin in the reservoir.

>From a previous thread on the subject, apparently there is sometime a 
problem with adequate lubricant in the syringe. The syringes are 
slightly tapered so they will come off the mold. It is necessary the 
cycle the syringe in and out + rotate a couple of times to spread the 
lubricant around inside prior to loading the syringe with insulin. 

Occasionally there have been bad batches of these things???? where 
the taper is too deep -- this may be rumor only.

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