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Re: [IP] High Insulin requirements

In a message dated 7/9/00 3:04:02 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< How much insulin are you able to put in your reservoir?  Is there a limit 
 on the amount you can bolus? >>
 I am  able to put 300units of insulin in my pump. I use the mm508 and the 
maximum bolus that can be delivered is 25units., I took the short adapter out.

Regarding Actos. So far no change I am just at the 15mg a day phase.  Next 
week I go to 30mg.  I read that Actos is in the same family as Rezulin. Prior 
to going on the pump I was taking Rezulin 400mg qd, Glucotrol xl 10mg aday as 
well as MDI.  I was taken off the po meds when I went to IV insulin therapy 
prior to the insulin pump.  Therefore, I have doubts about it working but I 
will remain positive about it. 

I will take to my endo re: u400, as well as insuranace company and Minmimed. 
Thanks for the info.
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