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Re: [IP] Re: Tape question?????

> Sherree asked:
> >>One more question, is it normal sometimes for the
> site to be kind of pinchy around the second day or so?<<
I use sof-sets too.  As far as being pinchy after the 2nd day for me it just
depends on the place I am inserting.  My stomach doesn't last as long as my
hip or leg.  Day 2 of my stomach site and it does get pinchy.  I haven't
tried any of the other sets because I don't feel a need to.  Sometimes I can
get 4 or so days.  And it is very comfortable...I can never feel it if its
in a 'good' spot.  I lay on mine sometimes.  It gets pulled too.  I have
noticed when its in my hip I tend to run into the walls and doors (talk
about a pain in the a**) haha.  Anyway it will vary per person I imagine.
Melissa and 'pumpy'
(i'm gonna start adding 'pumpy' to my sign off as Melissa seems to be a
common name)
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