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[IP] Cholesterol question...

I had a cholesterol test done back in January (am having a new one done in
September before going back to see my endo) and the results were as

Total - 184
LDL - 110
HDL - 60

I don't know what the Triglycerides were, I forgot to ask.  Anyways, my
father died of a massive heart attack at age 64, and he also suffered a
stroke in his 40's (I'm 48 now...).  Should I be real concerned about these
results?  My endo wants to watch it, he would prefer that I get my LDL under
100.  Not sure how to do that, I don't eat a lot of fatty foods and I try to
exercise as much as my diabetes has allowed me under MDI (always had to quit
because of lows, could never finish a workout for that reason).  I'm working
more on it now that I'm pumping but still trying to figure out the best way
to handle exercise with the pump without experiencing severe lows.

RoseLea and Max...

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