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Re: [IP] Getting a little anxious here---HELP

Marcie,  Doesn't your doc have an emergency number you can call?  If that
were happening to me my husband would have me down in ER.  Please let us
know that everything is ok.  Take care of yourself.  I cant give any advice
cause i dont know anything about gastroparesis.             Luv Dauna

I've been doing some really stressful things with my diabetes lately.  I put
my whole heart into getting my bg's under control about 10 days ago.  I
started really watching what I ate, keeping fairly close to a 1500 cal meal
plan (using carb counting for it) and checking bg's frequently so I could
make whatever basal changes I needed to.  The bg's are doing great!
Generally I am pretty close to normal if not in normal range the majority of
the time.  Here is the problem:  When I get my bg's under control, my
gastroparesis acts up and my stomach backs up.  So....you got it----my
stomach stopped emptying.  I went on a partial liquid diet 3 days ago and
now I am getting some relief, but the wierdness doesn't stop there.  In the
10 days I have put on 20 lbs.:  10 during the first 7 days of the changes
and 10 the last 2 days---6 just today.  I am so swollen that my skin hurts.
I can't put on any of my shoes and not most of my clothes.  My calorie count
has been around 100 - 1200 the last 2 days and I have tried to be more
active too.  I feel like sh*&!  I have no energy and I am getting a little
scared that something is not working right here.  I am going to call my
doc's office Monday, but could use some suggestions before then.  Anyone got
any idea's about what might be going on and what I could do to start feeling
a little better before Monday or Tuesday when the doc can talk to me?
Thanks for any ideas at all.  You guys are great to have around.


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