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[IP] TSH levels & also ace inhibitor

In a message dated 7/9/2000 11:03:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 Although I have 4 of the symptoms of hypothyroidism -- sore muscles/joints,
 cold feet/hands, swollen fingers/feet (only in the heat), and below normal
 temp (usually hover around 97 deg), oh and I also have a very difficult time
 losing weight, I've been tested more than once and have always had the tests
 come back in the normal range.  So, just because you have some of the
 symptoms, doesn't mean you have it, but it doesn't hurt to be tested to be
Dear friends,

I was having all of the symptoms mentioned in an earlier email...I thought it 
was all associated with pre-menopausal symptoms (I just had my 40th 
birthday).  I mentioned these symptoms to my endo and he informed me that  
lab work he had done 6 months earlier had shown a "raging thyroid antibody" , 
which obviously meant I had now acquired a high risk of my thyroid being 
destroyed just as my islet cells had been destroyed. (aren't we the lucky 
ones)   My TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone which is produced by the 
pituitary gland when your body is starving for thyroid hormone) had increased 
from .8 to 2.4 since  that 6 month time span.  The TSH of 2.4 was still well 
within the "normal limits" however the increase was evidence that I needed 
thyroid hormone....thus I am now taking  low dose synthroid everyday. My T3 
and T4 levels have always been normal also.  Currently my TSH is back down to 

Since having begun the Synthroid,  my menstrual cycles are back to normal, 
less dry skin problems, less fatigue, less wt. gain, etc.  I've noticed a 
very big difference.

I guess my point is that "normal limits" on a lab report may not be "normal" 
for you.
Why wait until your TSH is very high and your thyroid levels very low to get 
If you are having symptoms now and feeling lousy, then why wait. 

I also just began taking "Mavik" which is an Ace inhibitor for increased 
blood pressure around 140/90 or so.   My father is on dialysis caused from 
hypertension (not diabetes) and I've been  very concerned about renal 
failure.  Microalbumin is negative in my urine and I pray it continues to 
remain negative.

Liz Yost
dx'd Type I with 3rd pregnancy  (1993)
pumping MM 508 - Nov. 99

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