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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #314

In a message dated 7/6/00 1:16:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Dianne Holcomb wrote:

<< I 
 started using Prednisone. 2 years later in 1995 I was diagnosed with Type II 
 diabetes secondary to Prednisone use and family history >>

Hi Diane,
It sure sounds like you have had a rough time trying to deal with diabetes 
and all the other medical problems. I sure hope things are settling down now.
I found your statement connecting dieabetes and prednisone very interesting.  
My grandson was on several steroids for 2 years prior to his dx and we also 
have a very strong family history of type 2.  In fact after Cory's dx, the 
pulmonary specialest refused to give me any more steroids for my asthma.  The 
pulmonary specialest as well as Cory's  Diabetes Nurse Practioner said that 
when someone has the genetic make up to get diabetes taking steroids will 
cause an earlier onset of the diabetes.  Unfortuanelty we leanred this AFTER 
his dx instead of prior to it.  Had I known that he would not have been on 
steroids for 2 years.  His asthma is very mild now and he had only used an 
inhaler about 3 times in the last 6 months!  That doesn't seem like enough to 
warrant the risk of developing diabetes!
It's good to hear that the pump is helping you.
Grand-mom to Cory
age 10 ~ dx'd 12/28/98
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