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Re: [IP] Re: Tape question?????

Sherree asked:

>>One more question, is it normal sometimes for the
site to be kind of pinchy around the second day or so?<<

Sherree, while I'm not familiar at all with the Sof-sets, I will say that
with the Tenders if I get it too deep or too shallow (it goes in on an angle
and not straight in), I will get a pinching feeling immediately.  Although,
I did have a Tender in above my waist once that bothered me like this after
a bit and after talking to other pumpers we decided that perhaps it was the
site and that it moved around too much causing the discomfort.  I'm
short-waisted and don't have much room between my breasts and waist so my
sites there are very limited.  I was told to move closer to the center and,
with the Tender, put the needle in more parallel.  This has worked better
and my site is located there now, this is day 2 with no problems from it.  I
like the Tenders (aka Silhouettes or Sils), although the insertion may be a
little daunting, once you get used to it, you rarely ever feel the set
unless there is a real problem with it.  I lay on it, sometimes the tubing
gets tugged with it, and my clothes move around on it and I've forgotten
where it is, it's so comfortable.  And the sets, so far for me, have stayed
stuck through sweating, swimming, and bathing.  Haven't tried a jacuzzi yet,
but I'll know the beginning of August when we stay in a hotel with a jacuzzi
tub... and then there's always duct tape... *very big grin*.

RoseLea and Max...

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