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[IP] ....thyroid/etc.


at first I was put on synthroid.  MD's were all told that only synthroid
really worked  (there is now a huge class action suit by the makers of
levothroid now because of this fallacy).  then ...when I moved to CA 4 years
later and started with Kaiser NO CA. insurance,   ...my ob-gyn put me on
levothroid.  our whole family is on the generic now with no change
whatsoever.  it doesn't matter which hormone you take.  generic or

and to answer roselea...about having symptoms and not testing positive for
it.  there was just an article in last months' 'health' or some type of
health magazine about hypothyroidism and the tests not showing positive.
but if you have a sensitive MD...she/he can put you on a mild dose of
synthroid/levothroid to help alleviate symptoms.  this article said that the
most common method of dx'ing hypothyroidism was the basal temperature.   it
is always lower than the normal 98.6 or so.  so put those thermometers in
yer mouths and check before your feet hit the floor.  you might just be able
to get pregnant also!   ;-)

geneva's mom

> Did they actually give you levothyrxine for the hypothyroid???
> I take i x .175mg daily.
> Jenny S.

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