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[IP] new status

It has been a while since I posted anything and I am thrilled to update 
everyone on my status. To recap... in Feb. I was told by my endo that he 
would prescribe the pump for me but not recommend it. The reasons he gave 
were very bogus and from 1994 reading material. So I decided to do some 
hunting for a new endo on my own. I called my insurance company who had no 
idea of anyone in the area with pump knowledge. I asked people on here that 
were helpful but most endo's were an hour away. FINALLY I called a hospital 
in the area and talked with a diabetes educator. SHE put me in touch with a 
few names of pump dr.s in my area. YEAH!!!! Also there is a pump support 
group. I have attended 2 meetings and love it. There is a lot of information 
there and it was neat to actually see people wearing them.... Reality sunk 
in. Last Monday I saw my NEW endo and he said in 3-6 months I would be on 
the pump!!! He likes for his patients to get familiar with carb counting and 
all the things associated with the pump. I also have to change insulin. So 
we are going to do some intense changes to get me on my way for the pump. He 
said it could be sooner then 3 months or more depending on how quick I pick 
the stuff up. I am thrilled and would like to thank everyone who has emailed 
me in the past with words of encouragement. I am on my way, can't wait to 
see how fast the insurance company jumps up and down. :0)
soon to be pumping..... YIPPEE!!!!
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