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Re: [IP] Getting a little anxious here---HELP

marcie, do you have any of the following symptoms:

swollen face
hair loss and no hair growing under arms /on legs
weird periods  (clots,  more copious bleeding)
sore muscles/aches in joints
deeper voice
scaly/dry skin
cold feet/hands
sinus or strep throat when you have never experienced before
sleeping late when you normally do not!
high cholesterol levels
very low temp. upon rising in the am.  (this is the best way to dx. at
home...if under 98 degrees..basal temp)

if so...I think it is your thyroid.   very COMMON with IDDM and other
autoimmune disorders.

the cure.  simple.  a tiny pill daily.  gets us all back to normal.  my
husband, my pumping daughter and myself are all on synthroid meds.
(husband dx'd ONLY after a car accident ...they did routine blood workup and
discovered his hypothyroidism)

go get a TSH and T4 test now.

mom to geneva...who has lots of autoimmune disorders in our family!

I ended up in hospital with bacterial pneumonia because NO MD could dx my
problems.  almost took out my uterus because they thought it was "female ,
over age 40 related".

>In the 10 days I have put on 20 lbs.:  10 during the first 7 days of the
changes and 10 the last 2 days---6 just today.  I am so swollen that my skin
hurts.  I can't put on any of my shoes and not most of my clothes.  My
calorie count has been around 100 - 1200 the last 2 days and I have tried to
be more active too.  I feel like sh*&!  I have no energy and I am getting a
little scared that something is not working right here.

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