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[IP] Getting a little anxious here---HELP

I've been doing some really stressful things with my diabetes lately.  I put my whole heart into getting my bg's under control about 10 days ago.  I started really watching what I ate, keeping fairly close to a 1500 cal meal plan (using carb counting for it) and checking bg's frequently so I could make whatever basal changes I needed to.  The bg's are doing great!  Generally I am pretty close to normal if not in normal range the majority of the time.  Here is the problem:  When I get my bg's under control, my gastroparesis acts up and my stomach backs up.  So....you got it----my stomach stopped emptying.  I went on a partial liquid diet 3 days ago and now I am getting some relief, but the wierdness doesn't stop there.  In the 10 days I have put on 20 lbs.:  10 during the first 7 days of the changes and 10 the last 2 days---6 just today.  I am so swollen that my skin hurts.  I can't put on any of my shoes and not most of my clothes.  My calorie count has been around 100 - 1200 the last 2 days and I have tried to be more active too.  I feel like sh*&!  I have no energy and I am getting a little scared that something is not working right here.  I am going to call my doc's office Monday, but could use some suggestions before then.  Anyone got any idea's about what might be going on and what I could do to start feeling a little better before Monday or Tuesday when the doc can talk to me?  Thanks for any ideas at all.  You guys are great to have around.