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[IP] Re: Tape question?????

<part of orig. post>
<I have a tape question?? I am having a terrible time with my tape

Hi Sherree,

Many of us have had similar problems. Assuming you are using sofsets:
For me, putting Tegaderm down first, then inserting, then putting the
IV3000 over that worked fairly well, but the best solution was to change
to silhouettes--uses far less tape, and it sticks!  If it starts to come
off, it's a very simple matter to put a strip of IV3000 over the part
that is coming off. Frankly, I'm surprised that most folks are started
off with sofsets, knowing what I know now (I suppose it's because of the
sofserter). Sofsets for me were 1) harder to put on (lots of tape), 2)
caused skin problems, and 3) came out more easily than silhouettes.

Hope this helps!


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