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[IP] Re: [IPn] new mail list

Great idea.  I really would prefer that we keep that type of discussion off 
list...you know how ugly us anarchists, atheists, agnostics and chronic liars 
get when our bg gets a wee bit outta whack.

how about a list where we can use the words we REALLY want to use to descibe 
how we feel about diabetes...the 4 letter kind...where no one will bite our 
heads off for being crass, rude, insensitive and EXHIBITIONISTIC.  lol

and speaking of SOUNDING OFF...Sara Smarty Pants chat will very likely be 
UN-HOSTED tomorrow night (Sunday) at 11pm.  I am going to see a show and may 
not make it back in time...but please feel free to drop by the anytime room 
anyway...if the show s*cks as much as having diabetes then I might leave at 

NYC Sara  (_|_)~~~~[507]  (wearing my pump on my hip today!)
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