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[IP] Finally going away!

 July 9 is *almost* here, and Governor's School is
about to start! I'm going to miss the IP chats for a
month and all the support on here! I'm still crossing
my fingers that *maybe* I won't be the only diabetic
there (there's 150-200 of us from across VA going),
but even so, I bet I'll be the only pumper! And I'm
still not totally packed! I never figured out about
keeping the insulin cold, but there is always a fridge
in the cafeteria, even if it is a building away. 
 I tried so hard to get my basals set these past 3
weeks before going away, even asked my own mom for
help! Of course, it didn't help. Again, I am waking up
in the 40s. At least I know I have a roommate and I
will educate her to watch for emergencies. I'm just
going to sit on things for now (gosh, I hate when
people just do that, it's like giving in!), but as it
is, my basals are the lowest now than they've been in
10months, so I'm leary of adding more decreases. But I
do know after a week there I will lower stuff, since
I'm going to be like a kid again with running around
activities every evening (gosh, i better not go lower
than 40:-), that will be interesting and I'm sure I'll
ask y'all for help with that if/when it arises. 
 Anyhow, I'm anxious for this all to start. I'm
looking forward to getting away from my family,
particularly my twin!:-) My parents today are acting I
think a little scared of me going away, especially
since I've told them about the 30s/40s I've been
having late at night. But, you live and learn, and
they are only going to be like 3.5 hrs away. I'm not
thinking it would matter though, I'm ready for the
change, and I have tons of food to take with me! The
program director sounds willing to learn about D for
my safety, so I'll see how that goes tomorrow am. I'm
not really worried, I guess b/c lately I do wake up
with the lows which is in itself a blessing, but I do
feel a little guilty and sorry for my roommate, poor
girl will have to endure me getting up in the middle
of the night (and the bathroom too..I have the TINIEST
bladder!), but for her to be in the same situation as
me and then being expected to learn on day one of what
MIGHT go wrong with your roomy, geez that would suck I
think. I'm going to try to make it as simple as
possible for her and downplay the odds of anything
going wrong, I'd hate to scare her.  Oh, and another
twist..I have a friend going and we've already
committed to jogging every morning..gosh my basals
WILL be changed soon!
 Well, I gotta go change my site so I can pack my
insulin! Obviously, I won't be hosting the teen chat
till after I get back (Aug. 5), but I will still be
"online". I don't think they'll let us get in chat
rooms and sit there for an hour, etc, but email and
the list I should have no problem accessing. (after
all it IS a technology program too!)
 Wish me luck! I've been looking forward to this for
the past 2 months!

Opinionated PagerGirl-
 ~~Anything is possible with determination, motivation,and a good sense of humor~~

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