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[IP] hospital stay

I just got out of the hospital the other day.  Sunday night I woke up
shaking and sweating with a fever of 105.  My unrinary tract infection got
way out of hand.  The doc said I just didn't get the antibiotic into my
system soon enough and it wasn't strong enough.  I'm ok now, thought still
have high bgs and a slightly high temp.  Anyway, I just wanted to say there
was a bright side...I educated a whole lot of people about the pump!  Also,
my fiance got a crash course in the intricasies of diabetes and sick days. 
The nurses and doctors and ER staff knew nothing about the pump, so since
the floor I was on was almost unoccupied the nurses came to me for a little
education in carb counting and how the pump works.  It would have been a
disaster had I not had cool nurses, though.  Before I taught them they were
trying to give me a 2000 cal diet and exchange type diet like the old days,
and wanted to give me shots of regular when I was high!  They pretty much
let me do my own diabetes control, but what if I had not been able to? 
That's scary!  Anyway, I just wanted to share.  The whole time I was there
I kept thinking, wow, if only the email guys knew could see this.  Hope
everyone had a good holiday.  I watched fireworks from the 7th floor window
where we had a perfect view of the bay.  

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