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Re: [IP] Response Re: Disetronic v. Minimed pump comparison

In a message dated 7/8/00 3:38:04 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< so I will just deal with the
problem and I don't want to deal with a loaner >>

Ginny, have you ever had a loaner?  It is not a problem at all for most 
people (the most likely problem I can imagine would be someone who didn't 
have a place it could be delivered with someone there to sign for it - but 
they will ask you where you want it delivered, and tell you the expected 
delivery time.  Fedex doesn't always come through at the exact time, but I 
have always had the deliveries in a few hours of when expected.  If not, you 
should be able to find out when it will come).  You keep your pump till you 
have hooked up to the new one and are sure it is working all right, then you 
put the pump to be fixed in the regular mail in the postage-paid package 
provided; you can wait till the next scheduled reservoir change to do it if 
it is not an emergency problem.

Linda Z
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