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Re: [IP]Jim- "hiding" cures et al. [discussing religion on this site]

> Why Christian??? Religion involves a lot of beliefs that are not
> If we discuss religion, we should discuss spirituality not dogma.
> David Butler
> Houston, TX


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I was one of those who, when this first
came up, indicated an interest in being part of such a chat if it comes into
being...& the recent posts narrowing it to the idea of a "Christian Chat"
have been a little disheartening.  One thing I think we all learn on here
pretty quickly is that there are MANY kinds of diabetes, each with its own
flavor, aspects, odd variations, & concerns...so too are there MANY kinds of
spiritual paths.  I learn a lot & gain a lot of support from those who
experience diabetes that is not necessarily the same as mine - & I would
like the same opportunity if we get a "Spiritual Chat" started up...I don't
want to limit it to only those who share a common faith.  I know that for
some, the terms "Christian" & "Spiritual" can be synonymous...but please
know, folks, that this is not necessarily true for all of us.  I hope if we
do end up developing this into more than just a nice idea to toss around, it
manifests as something that welcomes those walking a variety of paths, not
limited to one.


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