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Re: [IP] Re: Alcohol (_not_ the rubbing kind!)

> Jan (and Elvis, who prefers grilled PB and banana sandwiches and RC Cola)


I am a big fan of PB & Banana Sandwiches, & have never even though about the
option of grilling them!  Now I feel really motivated...do you butter the
outside, as in the way grilled cheeses are usually made, or what?

Coming back to the title topic - I agree with whoever mentioned the fact
that carb counts are included in many of the handy little books we use...so
it seems that they would be usable!  One thing I find (for me) is that carbs
included in liquids (any kind of drinks, soups, jello-type products) react
in my system MUCH more quickly than "solid carbs", so I try to plan
accordingly, by bolusing in advance when I can, to keep myself a jump ahead
of the game.  Last night I was at a hot-tub party & had two wine
coolers...bolused for each about ten minutes before actually starting to
drink them, & the consumption process for me is rather a slow one anyway -
no problems!


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