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[IP] Re: being un-selfconscious about diabetes

In a message dated 07/03/2000 3:16:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< < I really 
  believe that we must quit hiding this disease.  
i agree.  i am very brittle and i always tell my high school students about 
diabetes, that i have it, that my pump is NOT a cell-phone LOL.  i also tell 
them to let me know if i seem "different" or "stupid" and to ask me if i'm 
okay.  after this, i truly believe they learn something about disease and the 
ability of others to function in spite of it.  kids have simply opened my 
juice for me when THEY noticed my lows, and one said, "ms. h, you're acting 
dumb, and you're not."  that was enough to have me check my sugar!  LOL
i truly think they're more compassionate and intelligent as a result.  
besides, if i go too low, they know i wasn't out "partying" the night before. 
 a few  have asked to see how the pump "is hooked up" into my body and if 
it's not a personal site, i'll show them.  after this, some have told me they 
now understand their family members who "have sugar." 
besides, i truly think kids are more compassionate than bosses, in these 
situations:  one vice principal told me to "put my ass in a chair" in front 
of my students when i felt dizzy from lows, but my student was smart enough 
to tell him to "shut up and respect the teacher" and to hand me a snapple.  i 
still think the kid was smarter than the adult in that case.
it's up to you, but to me, i think being direct helps all of us.
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