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[IP] Anyone tried Zinc Air batteries?

Hi, Kevin.

>The batteries that I commonly see in the stores, are almost entirely 
>zinc-air, and after visiting KMart and Walgreens, neither store carried 
>any silver oxide batteries (at least not in stock on the shelf).....

I've don't think I've ever seen a zinc air battery, much less one on a 
store shelf. From the characteristic curve, zinc air is rather special, 
suited for very high load.

I'm curious about this. FOA, I know from past threads that noone on the IP 
list has ever complained about any difficulty finding silver oxide 357-type 
batteries. So, *your* difficulty is "different". Secondly, you might want 
to ask a store manager WHY they don't stock silver oxide batteries and why 
they DO stock zinc air. Again, silver oxide is an excellent battery for the 
pump (and for many other electronic devices). It supplies *very* constant 
potential (voltage) at stable, low load and the potential drops off 
precipitously at end-of-battery-life. This means that the pump keeps 
pumpin' correctly till the alarm goes off and then it'll keep pumpin' but 
not for long. (IOW, when the alarm goes off, it needs to be heeded.)

>I take that back - Walgreens did have 357's, but at a HIGH price of $2.99 

$2.99 each is the *normal* retail price. (Where I live, it's closer to 
$3.50.) But, as you saw, discounts are available. What's the name of the 
place that sells 30 "357" batteries for $24? Do they have a web site?

regards, Andy

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