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Re: [IP] Response Re: Disetronic v. Minimed pump comparison

I know but I don't wish to deal with a loaner and have my MM gone for such
a long time. I have read too many things on here about bad loaners from MM.
So I will live with it and in 2 more years when I can get a new pump I will
go back to the Disetronic. I am on a huge doses of pred and my BGS are
really good and I don't wish to upset the applecart. It took me 5 yrs of
pumping to get my A1C down to normal because I had pain that was
untolerable that is now being treated and lupus which is now finally
responding to my meds and because of this I am now enjoying good BGs. It is
very difficult to balance everything because it all affects my BGs. I was
on the D pump when my doc wanted me on the MM pump because of the dual
wave. When it was ordered and I got it MM never told me that in about 4
months thier new 508 would be out. I would have waited. We could have used
the remote. But I think next time I will go back to the D pump as I am sure
by the time I need a new pump many new things will be available.
email @ redacted

At 11:06 AM 07/07/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>> The one thing I don't like about my MM 507C is that is skips screens
>> so fast- very frustrating. Ginny email @ redacted
>Sounds like defective buttons. MM will fix this if you give them a 
>email @ redacted

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