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Re: [IP] Response Re: Disetronic v. Minimed pump comparison

It's nice that the 508 has been fixed but I just can't go and get a new
pump. I only had mine a short time when the new one came out and MM never
told me a new one was coming out. Otherwise I would have waited a whole 4
months because I was on the Disetronic and my doctor wanted me to switch
because he wanted me to have the dual wave because of the amount of pred I
take per day. I was really ticked when MM didn't tell me a new model was
soon to be on the market. When I am really sick and not able to help myself
my hubby could really have used the remote. But that is life :(
I will go back to the Disetronic pump when the time comes to get a new one.
By then maybe more good changes will have taken place. But now I cannot
afford to buy one and I cannot trade mine in so I will just deal with the
problem and I don't want to deal with a loaner. I am on pred and my BGs are
doing really good and I don't want to upset the applecart. But when my
hubby has to take my BGs and do the bolusing for me he becomes quite
frustrated that the screens go zipping by so fast and he and I can press
the button very slowly and it still does. It is frustrating paying alot of
money for something that has a problem.
Thanks for sharing though.

At 12:49 AM 07/08/2000 -0400, you wrote:
><original post>
><The one thing I don't like about my MM 507C is that is skips screens so
>fast- very frustrating.
>Hi Ginny,
>Eric mentioned this too (he also has a 507). My MM508 doesn't appear to
>have this problem at all--maybe they fixed it.

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