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[IP] Re: remote control on MiniMed

<original post>
<I have found the remote control on the MiniMed 508 very difficult to
use in crowded, loud situations as I can't hear the bolus.  I was at a
wedding once with my ear practically in my lap, and I still couldn't
hear it.  Another time, I was in a noisy restaruant, did everything
right (I thought) and found out later that my bolus hadn't gone through!
I have tried putting the pump on vibrate, but the batteries went low
very quickly.  Has anyone found a way to use the remote in a noisy
environment?  Thanks.>

Hi Kim,

Hmm...my hearing must be pretty good--haven't had that problem. I guess
I haven't bolused in a really loud environment. My questionon the
restaurant time--don't you listen for the clicks as the insulin is being
delivered? I always listen for them (and find them reassuring, not
annoying, as I did at first!)

Also, on setup screen 1, you can set the beep volume from  1 to 3--maybe
that would help re. the audio bolus.

If not, my (rather obvious) recommendation: go to a quieter part of the
restaurant for a minute...I don't care which pump I was using, or what
means of setting the bolus--I want to hear those clicks to make sure
it's really doing the job!

Sorry, no other good ideas.


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