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Re: [IP] Re:Children Pumpimg & add me venting!

Susan Meredith wrote: 
<< I am taking my three year old son to an endo in California. We live
in Oregon, and there are no endos in our area that will start a three
year old on a pump.>> 

RE: We live in Central Ohio and have now left our area to see an endo in 
Southern Ohio.

 <<the NPH which should have lasted more than 8 hours, was wearing
off somewhere between 4 and 6 hours. We kept increasing the dose, which
would just crash him at the peak, and then send him high later when it
wore off.

 <<We finally switched his routine to four shots/day, and find
it easier to dynamically adjust. We do R and NPH for breakfest, either R and 
NPH or just NPH for lunch
(depending on his level), R and NPH for dinner, and then Lente at
about 10:30 at night (NPH won't hold him overnight, but the Lente
will; the Lente also has a lower peak so we don't have to worry much
about crashes overnight).
RE: That's remarkable!  We have done extra shots sometimes, but he is on NPH 
and H so we just use the H for the extra shots --- today is one of those days 
that it would have been very benefical to have added NPH -- never thought of 
Me neither!!!  Good luck with your new endo!  I apprectiate your prayers for 
my child and I will also pray for yours.
Grand-mom to Cory
age 10 ~ dx'd 12/28/98
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