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Re: [IP] Coffee, tea, alcohol and me

One more thing, if I may interject here, is to stress the imporatancs of
medical Identification when out for a tot... I had one pillsner beer
whilst out with friends and later came home on my own and had a hypo
(Pre- pump days). I hadn't passed out, but was sitting at the side of
our street when the police stopped to see why I was sitting there.
   I was able to say 'Diabetic', but only after one of 'em said "she's
drunk..." and my medic- alert bracelet proved it. the other cop got my
bag and took the Insta glucose out, opened it and gave it to me so
things were OK in a couple of minutes...Just the very smell of drink on
the breath can cause the suspicion that you are inebriated, so it's
imparitive that you drink with or just after food, and have your I.D.
   In Britain where I lived, there were stories of people getting put
into the "drunk Tank" and having severe consequenses of being -in
reality- Hypo.

Jenny S.
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