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[IP] Filling reservoir

I have had my pump for almost 1 yr and am still confused on how to fill 
resevoir up to 300 an dget it into pump ,my pump only allows res to be filled 
to 200 units which generally lasts 3-4 days and what are sils?? I've only 
been on this site for 5 days and am learning so much but I am unclear about 
so much.Usually I just go by what I was taught in the class while I was 
pregnant..I love the pump but cant afford all the supplies ..Can you give me 
tips on how to make them last longer? I dont have ins right now -my husband 
is self-employed and needless to say the supplies take up a lot of our hard 
earned $$$ but they are way better than the alternative..please help.   
-You probably didnt remove the little plastic converter in the syring bed
of the pump. There is a small piece of plastic which you have to remove
first. Minimed gives you a little tool like a wrench to get it out.
Everyone has their own ritual for saving on supplies make sites last 4 days
instead of three, refill the reservoirs. Don't get the needles dirty so
they can be reused. My little wrench was grey and had two small prongs on
the bottom which you place around the converter.the luer fitting will stick
up out of the end of the pump.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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