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Re: [IP] Anyone tried Zinc Air batteries?

Thanks Andy for all of the info and battery sources!

Part of my reason for asking about the zinc-air cells, was to
know if they would work at all, so that in a fix, I could at least
use them for a day or two, until I found proper batteries.  Also,
to KNOW that zinc-air will not work, would help avoid trying them
in a desperate situation.  

The batteries that I commonly see in the stores, are almost entirely
zinc-air, and after visiting KMart and Walgreens, neither store carried
any silver oxide batteries (at least not in stock on the shelf).....  
I take that back - Walgreens did have 357's, but at a HIGH price of
$2.99 each. 

I did also find a place that sells the 357's for about $6 for six, and
better deals in quantities (30 batteries for ~$24).    But, again, the
reason for my asking about zinc-air, is to KNOW just in case I need to
find something quick - because the normal silver oxide batteries seem
to be in the minority, with zinc-air being the one taking up space on
the store shelves.


> >Has anyone ever tried a Zinc-Air battery?
> I haven't. But before you do, you might want to take a look at that 
> battery's characteristic curve. To see such curves for the silver oxide 
> 357and manganese dioxide A76/LR44, have a look here:
> http://data.energizer.com/datasheets/library/primary/silver/357.pdf
> http://data.energizer.com/datasheets/library/primary/manganese_dioxide/a76.pdf
> The zinc air AC675 data is here:
> http://data.energizer.com/datasheets/library/primary/zinc_air/ac675.pdf
> Take a good look at the zinc-air curve and compare to that of the 
> silver-oxide. The zinc-air battery is not at all designed for the same 
> service. The silver-oxide batter, OTOH, appears to be very well matched to 
> pump service requirements.
> >the store clerk wanted to argue that "a 1.5V battery is the same as 
> >another 1.5V battery"....  I told her I wanted silver oxide
> The clerk is mistaken. Take a look at the characteristic curves. It's quite 
> clear.
> BTW, here are (purportedly) some 357-type models packaged under different 
> brand-names:
> 357                     Eveready
> 357                     Energizer
> 303 or 357-1W   Rayovac
> D303 or D357            Duracell
> SP357           Panasonic
> V357                    Varta
> SR44W           Sony, Toshiba
> SR44SW          Maxell
> >Here's a few of the batteries, and their charge capacity
> The battery is an essential part of the pump. The pump has been designed 
> around it. And the recommended battery is _not_ expensive. (I just bought 
> 357's for $1 each. I got'em here:
> http://www.wholesaleadvantage.com/ ) The 357's will last at least one 
> month. So the payoff is meager. I'd strongly advise against this kind of 
> experiment, but, of course, it's your pump and your call.
> regards, Andy
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