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Re: [IP] Kidney dialysis -was -RE: Children Pumping and me venting

Please,  please.....GET IN TOUCH WITH THE A.A.R.P. Immediately...This is
sooooo rediculous, it mustn't happen! The Senior Center here in our town
has legal and everything for my father to access and it sounds like
you're dad is being led up the garden path.
   The "Gray Panthers" is no joke. The senior community is a force to be
reckoned with in Washington, and you have choices which the insurence
companies don't  want you to know.
   I hope to God they can help you in the care of your mother and
father. this is outragious and I'm so mad right now for your situation,
I can trufully say I'm in inspired to get back to classes in Poly Sci
and be an advocate. It's going to take people like us to converge on the
Capitol and get things done here.
   Letters, emails, anything, has a part to play and we've got to do
this. My father's 88 and even though he's healthy and has me here with
him, The way Our seniors get treated is apphalling...OK, my spelling
isn't perfect, but I am saying the thing I want to say, and am irate at
this moment.
   Incidently, I'm on a new service and am getting a lot of hassle from
DSL, and may not stay with it....I'll most likely go to pacbell dial-up
and get our local cable instead in a week or two.
   I'm having major problems in staying connected and it's supposed to
be better than this, so I am not getting my emails on a regular basis.
   Will know more by this afternoon, but I'd like to know what has been
done so far and who you have contacted so far in you fight re; your mom
and dad.

Jenny S.
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