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[IP] Geeky Pumps

> Keith Johnson wrote:
> [Now I do begin to wonder about a processor 
> upgrade. If I put a Pentium 5 in my pump, or 
> maybe a PPC 709 chip, and maybe upgraded my 
> RAM so I could store more bolus values... 
> or how about a mini-hard disk to download the
> values? And with a wireless modem on my 
> MiniMed 507, could I upgrade to a 509 with
> just a software update via the Web? Nah, 
> system updates always require better hardware, 
> too. Oh, well. MiniMed needs to hire more geeks!]
As long as we're on the pump-geek subject... does 
anyone have documentation on the comm protocol used by 
the iR port on the back of the MM pumps?  Not looking 
to hack the system firmware, just want to be able to 
download delivery info.

-Sara G.(eek)

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