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RE: [IP] Re: Alcohol (_not_ the rubbing kind!)

As I replied personally and now will publicly to the original author and

I drink a glass or 2 of wine with dinner 3 or 4 times a week.
(I grew up in a household of many European traditions, like in France wine
is hard to avoid in my house) :)

I go out with a group of friends and my husband about once a month.  We go
to strange places and get fun drinks. :)  The big craze now is to find the
best Margarita.  The best so far has been the Border Cafe in Cambridge, MA
(if you were interested).  Now of all drinks these have a very large carb
content.  I usually end up taking a bigger bolus for one of those then I
need for my entire dinner. Yikes!  But hey, when having fun...

Ok, for the wine I never bolus, for beer and hard cider I bolus 75% of the
carbs, for hard alcohol minus the mixer I don't bolus unless a flavored
liquor.  Margaritas I keep hitting the bolus button until the reservoir is
empty. :)

Seriously, I don't like over drinking, I normally never go over two drinks,
and never have had many problems.  But then again...YMMV.

-- Sherry
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