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[IP] Anyone tried Zinc Air batteries?

>Has anyone ever tried a Zinc-Air battery?

I haven't. But before you do, you might want to take a look at that 
battery's characteristic curve. To see such curves for the silver oxide 
357and manganese dioxide A76/LR44, have a look here:


The zinc air AC675 data is here:


Take a good look at the zinc-air curve and compare to that of the 
silver-oxide. The zinc-air battery is not at all designed for the same 
service. The silver-oxide batter, OTOH, appears to be very well matched to 
pump service requirements.

>the store clerk wanted to argue that "a 1.5V battery is the same as 
>another 1.5V battery"....  I told her I wanted silver oxide

The clerk is mistaken. Take a look at the characteristic curves. It's quite 

BTW, here are (purportedly) some 357-type models packaged under different 

357                     Eveready
357                     Energizer
303 or 357-1W   Rayovac
D303 or D357            Duracell
SP357           Panasonic
V357                    Varta
SR44W           Sony, Toshiba
SR44SW          Maxell

>Here's a few of the batteries, and their charge capacity

The battery is an essential part of the pump. The pump has been designed 
around it. And the recommended battery is _not_ expensive. (I just bought 
357's for $1 each. I got'em here:
http://www.wholesaleadvantage.com/ ) The 357's will last at least one 
month. So the payoff is meager. I'd strongly advise against this kind of 
experiment, but, of course, it's your pump and your call.

regards, Andy

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