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[IP] Re: Alcohol (_not_ the rubbing kind!)

Recently Sara D. remarked:

> I know as a diabetic, we aren't supposed to drink...

Hoo. hah! (to quote my favorite urban hero of yesteryear). I probably
shouldn't even start this, but...

There are some very different opinions about this issue. One CDE I know and
respect was very leery about diabetics drinking at all. She was concerned
about (A) tying up the liver with alcohol removal, so that it would not
supply emergency relief in case of a low, and (2) inebriation interfering
with one's ability to sense a low. Both are valid concerns. Her
recommendation was, if you _have_ to drink, do so only with food, only when
your BG was >150, only one drink, and not alone.

I stuck to this for several months. But now that I understand pretty well
how my body responds in various situations, I've loosened the ties
considerably. As long as I'm not _too_ far down, and I'm not trending
downwards, I'll have the occasional drink, and haven't had any ill results.

In fact, my old endo (who was really quite laid back) didn't see anything
wrong with an occasional drink or two. (In fact, he was so mellow, I think I
shoulda asked him about pot, just to see what he would have said...). And a
couple other CDEs I know were much less worried about drinking.

And if we're not supposed to drink at all, why does my favorite
meal-planning book give me carbs for various drinks? I was surprised by some
of them. Wine has very little, especially red wine; champagne none at all!
Beer comes in at 13 g per bottle (though I'll bet my homemade stuff, which
I've _got_ to get back to this fall, will rate a bit higher).

The metabolizing of alcohol is not really like that of carbs, of course, and
having more than one or two can probably mess you up unless you really know
what you are doing (and after four or five drinks, who can make that
claim?). But the occasional one, or even two, seems like a reasonable

The other potential bad effects of alcohol are always still present, of
course, but that's true for anyone, not just those of us with big D.

OK, I've started the ball rolling. Let's see if we can get a good argument
going here!

Keith Johnson
Fleischmann Planetarium
email @ redacted
"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."

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