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[IP] Coffee, tea, alcohol and me

>Does anyone out there drink at all and if so, how do they monitor their 
>blood sugar and
>stay in the normal range?

Hi, Sara.

You've gotten several responses already to your question, but I'll throw in 
my two centimes. I live in France and it's very difficult here to avoid 
wine. And, in fact, I never have, not even when on MDI. I don't touch hard 
alcohol, though, but I didn't drink much of that, either, before I was 
diabetic (a long, long time ago in a university far, far away).

I commonly drink a glass or two of wine with dinner. I have never noticed 
any effect whatsoever on my bg control. I don't even count the alcohol in 
my exchange diet. (Yes, I still use an exchange diet because it's a very 
healthy way to eat and it helps control my weight.)

So, my advice is to go ahead and indulge ... moderately ... with little 
need to be concerned about bg. Of course, as in all things diabetic, YMMV.

regards, Andy

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