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[IP] RE: using the insulin in the tubing

David Winegarden wrote:
>Such stories of "running out" appear to me to be a usual and
>common difficulty of Minimed pump users.

In defense of my beloved pump, I disagree that it was the pump's fault.  If
this seems more common in minimed users, it's probably because there are
more of us on the list.  This was definitely user error.  I got 2 warnings,
one at 20 units and another at 10.  My pump didn't stop delivering until it
really was empty.  You can reset the reservoir volume easily, but i think
that my 508 will keep delivering even if it thinks it's empty.  I was being
lazy about refilling and not careful about making sure i had my supplies.

Thanks to the list for the advice.  I'm still not sure what i did wrong.  I
did prime, but the insulin just leaked out when i raised the pump above the
level of the disconnect, kinda like water out of a hose.  I hope to not have
to try this again!

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