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[IP] insulin on the porch - AGAIN!

Last August I had 4 vials of Humalog left on the front porch in the sun for
1-4 days - many of you will remember my gripe. The ins. co. said it was up
to me to stay home (2-3 wks for new Rx) and wait. We had vacation plans
already. Well, today I was home when the doorbell rang. I didn't get there
in time but saw the FedEx man walk to his truck. I looked down and there was
my insulin delivery - on the front porch in the sun. I yelled, "SIR!" He got
out and listened to me say, "THIS IS INSULIN AND SHOULD ONLY BE SIGNED FOR!"
He said the instructions were to drop it.

The box has a label on it with a penguin and a red square with a diagonal
line through it: DO NOT FREEZE - keep refrigerated - medical supplies.
Well, does it sound like a front porch is the equivalent to a fridge?
Inside the box was a single bag that was jellylike. It had been frozen TWO
days ago when it was shipped from Ft. Worth, TX to north central Indiana! It
has been in the mid 80*s. I got 600 BG strips in Feb. at 9*. I can remember
getting supplies that were in styrofoam and with frozen packs. Whatever
happened to the foam???

THE GOOD NEWS: the employer is finding a new ins. provider by 8/1/2000!
YIPPEE!!  I hate mail order Rx delivery - I don't care what they say!
Jan http://maxpages.com/bludasue

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