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Re: [IP] Re: Exercise - Eat More Sooner AND Less Later?

> Michael (and all others), my question is simply that a child is
> pumping 20 units/day. If exercise speeds up the absorption and more
> food is needed to cover the quicker absorption, will there not be
> less insulin available later (and hence less food should be
> eaten)(assuming all other variables are consistent with the
> exception of exercise).

Exercise also increases the need for energy (glucose) and thus 
insulin to metabolize it. The objective is to balance the insulin to 
the body's needs, not eat to cover the insulin. That is the old MDI 
way, not the pump way. Exercise and insulin is a complex issue. for 
some, exercise produces a low as blood glucose is consumed more 
rapidly. For others who don't happen to have available insulin in 
their blood stream it can produce a rapid high follwed by a liver 
dump that makes them even higher -- it is tricky to get it right 
without some trial and error. many athletes eat a very small snack of 
quick carbs + bolus before exercise to insure that their is adequate 
free insulin in the blood stream. Exercise generally increases 
insulin sensitivity so a lower basal rate after strenuous activities 
is the norm for many pumpers.

When I write about exercise, above, I mean "very strenuous". Normal 
walking or short workouts that many of us do does not fall into this 

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