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[IP] RE: Drinking Alcohol

Hi Sara,

I'm still waiting for insurance approval for a pump (currently using MDI) so 
I don't have any experience with drinking alcohol and using a pump. However 
I do drink alcohol occasionally. I noticed I can't drink a beer or a mixed 
drink (such as margaritas) without my bloodsugar going skyhigh. I've never 
managed to figure out how much Humalog to take to counteract without risking 
going low. I can drink a glass of red wine (Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignin) 
without it doing much with my bloodsugar, though anymore than a glass and it 
starts rising a little.

My 2 pennies


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>Subject: RE: [IP] Pump Run-Ins
>Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 13:20:49 -0400
>you sound really nice and really funny. WHere do you  live? I am 24 and 
>in Washington DC. I have only been pumping for 2.5 years, but I am 
>Just thought I'd say hi.
>I also actually have a question. I know as a diabetic, we aren't supposed 
>drink, but per the FDA, drug guidelines and health notices, they say for
>normal people it is actually good for you to drink a glass of wine/day. Not
>to sound like an alcoholic, but I am actually of european decent and grew 
>kind of used to this habit. With diabetes I got a little thrown. Does 
>out there drink at all and if so, how do they monitor their blood sugar and
>stay in the normal range?
>thanks, sara
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>Hey guys last weekend I had a funny situation I just had to share...well 
>of them.
>1.  I went to the dress shop to try on my bridesmaid dress and to have any
>final adjustments made. (We won't go into how horrible the dress was).  I
>was trying to figure out how to prepare the fitter on my pump and decided
>not to say anything and let her ask the questions.  The set was in my leg
>and the pumped tucked in my bra with 4 feet of tubing doing it's own thing.
>She looks at me and asks, "so how do you like the pump?".  Surprised I told
>her I LOVED it and she told me her friend was getting one finally after all
>sorts of insurance problems.  She was very excited for her.  So there will
>be a new pumper soon in the Utica, NY area. :)
>2.  At the wedding I was walking around doing my bridesmaids duty of 
>to guests eating plenty of food :), so my pump is ticking away.  I was
>talking to this gentleman who asked me when I had my heart surgery and how
>the artificial ticker was.  Confused, I asked him where he got that idea.
>He said, "well I heard your heart ticking and I thought I would ask since 
>brother is going to have it done in a few days."  Trying not to laugh I
>explained to him what it was and actually fished it out so he could see. 
>I said in my last email the Go Fish method works for me).
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