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RE: [IP] Bolus not working?

> I have the same problem every night. I wake up around 3 and test and
> I am usually high (between 200-350) I take a bolus, and sometimes it
> goes down and sometimes it doesn't. I have tried changing my bolus,
> but that does little to nothing. SO Sometimes I wake up with sweats
> and think that some nights my bs is high because it was low, but I
> can't seem to get this figured out. I am a 24 year old girl, in
> pretty okay shape, okay weight..and I have no idea what is going on.
> ANy advice?
I've posted a couple of previous messages about this, with my 
daughter (17yo) we found an occasional very quick night time low 
followed by a rebound. It was difficult to detect this as her insulin 
requirements have changed dramatically over the last year. Basically 
I checked her every hour one night and caught it. Usually the low was 
associated with a slight over-bolus for some snack or food within a 
few hours of bed time (teenage grazers, you know).

I would try to get the MM glucose sensor and do a 3 day recording 
session with that if possible. Otherwise sleep with someone nearby 
who can wake you every hour or so some night and check. You really 
don't want to get out of bed as this will mess up your bg's even more 
from what they would be if sleeping.
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