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Re: [IP] using the insulin in the tubing

>   Is there a way to get the pump to use the insulin in
> the tubing, or were the instructions for using a syringe?

Yes, you did it right, but you may have forgotten to do the prime to 
tighten the drive mechanisim on the pump. If you don't happen to have 
a tubing clamp, then it is a multi step process to get it right. 
during the process.

1) Disconnect QR

2) carefully remove syringe from pump and disconnect leur lock.
 keeping tubing ends level with each other. If you have a silicon cap 
to close the end of the tube, this is not an issue.

3) draw air into syringe, reconnect leur lock and replace syringe in 

4) PRIME pump to engage drive mechanism -- this may require 3 - 5 
unit bolus. Don't forget to remove cap on tube end. Watch for a 
droplet of insulin to form on the end of tube -- when you are 
satisified that the drive mechcanism is engaged, hook back up.

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