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[IP] kidney problems

> She is on an ACE in hopes it will keep her kidneys from getting worse
> as well as lasix so they can get flushed. She has to drink alot of water.
> is really really hard on her as she know this isn't easy. She is also on a
> low protien diet. I have to find one for her she will be able to enjoy.
> Ginny

My heart goes out to you and your mom. It's very tough. I do hope she is
seeing a nephrologist, but I am wondering since I, too, have kidney disease
(23% function), am on 3 BP meds and lasix. But, my instructions are to drink
ONLY when thirsty too not overwork the kidneys. I'm wondering who told her
to drink a lot of water. The kidneys do not want to be stressed any more
than they have to at this point. I was rx'd quinine tabs in my legs cramp in
the night, too. {{{}}}
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